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Friday, July 15, 2011

Murdoch Co-opted the Republican Party

Now that Murdoch's underbelly has been exposed it is a hop skip and a jump to understand what he has done to this country. Power rules absolutely and the the inability of the Republicans to reach a compromise on anything is clearly in line with Murdochian tactics. Fox News became his oracle and he blared 24/7 for years radicalizing a base that came out of the closet with the encouragement of an entire network. Murdoch through his power by any means approach created the Tea Party movement and the radicalized right in this country. He created the party of corporate power.

Could there be a Tea Party or such a wall of China approach from the Republican party without Fox News? No. There wouldn't' be. It was through the incessant blaring of lies half truths and outright deception that he created a third rail party of people who believe that the government was out to get them and that the Democrats really were the Evil Empire of tax and spend. It is through the dunning of Fox News that people like Sarah Palin Michelle Bachman Glenn Beck Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly found their voice. And Murdoch gave them the vehicle.

There is no regard for law in the Murdoch Empire. There is no regard for truth. There is regard for power and power alone. This is the culture that created Fox News. Fox News is Murdochs tabloid. Say it and they will believe it. Keep hitting your enemy with  lies until they falter. Destroy a Presidency by any means because the means justify the ends. A million Andrew Brightbarts fanning out over the nation.

This is Murdochs legacy and he has gummed up the United States ability to function by creating a radicalized party within the Republicans. Maybe after he goes to jail and they close Fox News, we can begin to take back our government from the Austrian Blitzkrieg that has almost wrecked our democracy.
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