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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Eric Cantor Doesn't' Share with the other kids

Eric just doesn't share well with the other kids. He must have been hell on wheels in high school and college. The feisty guy who got the grades the girl and bulled his way past the big dudes who always put him down. Little skinny egghead. But he showed them by his bluster, his will, his gonads. So he rose up and became a congressman and everyone just knew he would do it one day. The problem is he never learned to share.

He always took the other kids blocks and kept the truck for himself. Eric. Now you have to share with the President. No! I won't. I want what I want! Yes, yes, but this is a democracy Eric! NO! This is not a democracy and I don't want to play with anyone else! These blocks are mine. This truck is mine. The sandbox is mine and I want to have it my way or I won't play! Hmmm....teacher conference.

And Eric is a nice boy but he doesn't seem to want to give in. He won't compromise. Eric's parents nod because they know their little achiever while smart and able and competent and just about everything a parents strangely self absorbed. It's his way or the highway and even though they have tried to reason with him, little Eric just doesn't get it. Why should he compromise on anything? The way Eric sees it, he should just have his way.

The teacher also is worried about respect. Eric  doesn't seem to respect authority. He wants to let his opinion be known above all others. Even with a President of the United States! Little Eric just gets red faced and screams out that no one can tax the rich. No one can tax billionaires and he doesn't care if the government defaults. He wants to have his way.

The teacher conference ends and Eric's parents go home. His dad finds little Eric in his garage building a podium. What are you building son? It's my Presidential podium dad. Ha Ha. You going to be President one day son? Little Eric stares at his dad like he's the biggest moron on the planet. Of course dad. He frowns. What did you think?
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