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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Jim Crow Laws of Washington

The President is being assassinated without a shot fired. If assassination is eliminating or destroying your opponent then clearly this is being accomplished. How else could we explain our current state of affairs? Raising the debt ceiling was a one line procedural item until now. Presidents did it routinely but there is nothing routine about the Obama Presidency. It's like Jackie Robinson just broke into the Majors and everyone is doing their best to sabotage him any way they can.

How else can you explain the blackmail by the Republicans? It is very simple. President Obama does what they want or they detonate the economy. Who else would fall victim to something like this other than our first African American  President? How else could we explain an entire network bent on destroying a Presidency? A Senate leader who states as his goal nothing short of destroying the Obama Presidency. Where does all this come from? Look no further than the Jim Crow South.

Blacks were freed and given the vote but Jim Crow laws stripped them of power. They had no power because through intimidation, fraud, laws, the South kept African Americans disenfranchised until the Civil Rights movement. Now we have a President with a new Jim Crow scenario. Everything he does is opposed not on principal, but on who he is. Everything. We know this. Look no further than his speech, a President asking the people to help him because the destruction of his Presidency is being set in motion with the cunning of a demolition expert about to push the plunger.

When the smoke clears we may not have an economy left but the reasoning is that the President will be discredited. And more than that he will be rendered powerless. We know this will not stop. We know the Republicans and the Tea Party will not stop until they destroy entitlements, the middle class, and serve their masters on Wall Street and in Corporate boardrooms. They will not stop until President Obama is removed from power. 

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