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Sunday, July 10, 2011

If you didnt watch the Casey Anthony Trial...

Don't sweat it. Neither did i. Neither did a lot of people. I keep asking people what it was all about and no one can tell me. Didn't watch it. Care less. Yeah, just like OJ. That is about it. But the gist of it seems to be this woman is accused of killing her daughter and got away with murder. That is it. Hmmm. So why such a fuss? Who knows, but there are people who didn't watch it and what does that say about them?

They are too busy. They are too smart. They are cultured. They don't watch television. Take your pick but certainly there is a dividing line between the voyeurs and the non voyeurs. Or is it simply some people just have more time. And what is healthy? Clearly we would like to draw a line between the morons and everyone else. The morons watched the trial while smart people sluffed it off as cheap entertainment for the masses.

Loeb and Leopold. The Lindbergh baby. OJ Simpson. John Dillinger. The sordid and the tawdry and the tragic do fascinate. So do good novels. Most of our lives are pretty boring and circular. We clock our life to the seven day work week and like good gerbils or hamsters we get back on the wheel every Monday. Nothing wrong with that. It leads to production and stability. But there is the rub, what are all those weird people doing?

And so we watch the young mother accused and gasp when she gets off to our perceived guilt. And then we read the book and watch the movie. And go back to work. It is a cycle. But some people just don't care. Yours truly and others. I suppose I should but it all just seemed so much the same. And maybe the crime shows have done that and ruined it for me. Nancy Grace is kind of like the heroin of true crime and one episode of her is enough for a year.

So I don't know. Maybe we are defective. Maybe we have something else to do. Maybe it is just too intellectually boring. Maybe we have a good book to read. Time to spend with our kids. Go biking, hiking or jogging. Maybe we just don't give a damn.
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