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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fox News Makes A Lot More Sense Now

You always had to wonder where Fox News came from. We had never seen anything like it before... on American shores at least. Here was this network dedicated  to tearing down a political party and a President and spewing lies and half truths and outright fabrications as news to the public at large. And there was a clear political agenda. Right wing, Conservative, Christian, Republican...Murdocian. And so the question was how did something like Fox News come to be? It was almost like an alien had dropped them off and then left. Now we know. An alien did drop Fox News on our shores. An alien named Murdoch.

And now with his gonads in a sling we see how it all played out. Fox News is just the American version of Murdoch culture. He is the Citizen Kane for our time. He is the William Randolf Hearst with a cyber twist and far more nefarious because of his far reaching power. We are finding out he was running Britain for some time and he has been working on the United States through his surrogates...the biggest one being Fox News. The absolute hate and chicanery that spews out of Fox News is in line with what we are now finding out about Murdoch Standard Operating Procedure.

Defame. Distort. Discredit. Use any means at your disposal. But have your will rule the day. Is anyone surprised we now have people like Andrew Brightbart? He is merely a tadpole spawned by Murdoch lackeys. And so the giant will have his day in court and we will see what falls out of the attic as they root through the dusty old boxes of Murdoch conquests. And now we know. Fox News is not some aberrant rogue news organization that just hatched itself. Fox News was brought here as a bastard child and dropped on our shores to grow up into the creature of hate we now have.
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