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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Flood of Rock Memoirs

Get ready. All those rockers have not died before they got old and they are now writing books about their wild and crazy days as rock and roll rebels. Oh no. Ever since Keith Richards got new life with his memoir we are now in  the renaissance of rock and rolls Lawrence Welk brigade morphing into the next thing in an art form they really should have died in before they got old. From the Boss to Ozzie we can expect ruminations on drugs, sex and rock and roll to be hitting the shelves until we are so fried out with stories of excess and waste we start reading...what, fiction again?

Its not that we begrudge these rockers their literary fame it's just so clear that they are all just businessman working on their franchise. Gene Simmons certainly set the bar. Make as much cash as possible all the time. And why not? The next crop of rockers will not be near so interesting as the Art Rock era of guys smashing up hotel rooms and dropping acid and losing band mates to drugs while the show goes on and and on for twenty thirty or even forty years. See the Rolling Stones.

And we will shoot thorough their beginnings. Rock star hopefuls will look for nuggets while the rest of us look for the drugs and the sex and especially the money. The money makes it really interesting now that everyone is so broke. Like Kid Rock buying a half million dollar Cadillac it is just amazing guys playing guitars could make so much damn money. But they did, and now they will make more.

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