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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Extremists Have Us By The Throat

Like the weather the extremists have us by the throat. The current heatwave will kill many because we are not equipped to handle our globally warmed planet. People in cities will die first because the grids will fail under the demand. And like our killer heatwave the Tea Party extremists in government will kill off people too. They will do it by paralyzing our democracy. They are doing it right now. A New York columnist wrote over a year ago that if the Tea Party people got into our government we would have gridlock and government would cease to function. We have gridlock and our government is not functioning.

We are not prepared for extremes in weather or political parties. We base all our forecasts on the middle ground. People do best in the center of the spectrum and tend to die off with weather gets too cold or hot. Same with politics. Extreme left or right is not good for the country and people die because of it. In our current extreme right dysfuntionality the Tea Party has a loaded gun to the Presidents head. Give in and slash entitlements or default on your debt. That is their play.

We no longer have a democracy. We have a plutocracy. A group of wealthy people making sure their interests are served under the cover of a populist insurgency. It is the Art of the Deal gone bad. The Dick Army surrogates are marching under the cover of populist good, but the middle class is dying. Four hundred families have more wealth than 150 million people. Think about those numbers. Yet the Tea Party has made it their sworn duty to not raise taxes on the rich. Smell a rat? Why would a populist movement care about millionaires unless they are a Trojan horse?

Because Potter is not selling he is buying. He is buying control of the government with  extremists in the House of Representatives. They will not bend. They will not play. The Tea Party extremists  will have their way and the President is already caving. And the middle class will lose their Medicaid, Medicare and have their Social Security whittled away. While the rich get richer and the Tea Party suns itself on the beaches of our decline.
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