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Monday, July 18, 2011

Banning Textbooks in Our Classrooms

A woman in my town wants to get rid of my daughters Social Studies Alive textbook. Her reasons are because of liberal propaganda. She says that by telling about the Exon Valdez and mentioning childcare and child labor laws and pointing out that other countries provide health care for their citizens that it is brainwashing her kids. Maybe her kids need to be brainwashed if this is what she considers liberal propaganda. It gets better. Glen Beck attacked the textbook as well.

And now it is headed for a school board meeting. And of course people on the school board are also members of the Tea Party. An uncontested election brought in a Tea Party member and now she can wave her yellow flag and ban textbooks. I asked my son if he remembered the book and he said he did. He said it made social studies interesting because it was about today. The woman who is bringing up this charge says it's really deleterious to our community.

Whose community? That would imply ownership. Maybe the Tea Party's community? And whose idea of Social Studies does she want? We are the good guys and everyone else is the bad guys. That one doesn't work so well anymore. I know, America is the best country in the world. Hmm...that one doesn't work so well now that we are rated tenth across the board. Hmmm...maybe no Social Studies. Period. That would work. We as a nation were simply hatched. Like an egg. End of story.


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