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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Republicans only have Country, Morality and God left to Sell

What do you give to a starving people when you really dont' want to give them anything at all? You give them Country, God, and Morality. It doesn't cost a dime. Take a middle class people who banks have declined to lend to for the last five years and you want to shut off the faucet even more, but you really have to sell them something to get elected because trickled down is just that, a trickle, and so you really can't pump that up anymore so you go the intangibles: sell them  Patriotism, Faith, and good old fashioned barn burning Morality. In fact the Republican debate did have a tent revival feeling.

The truth is nobody gives up money anymore. Like a lot of jobs now. Straight commission. We will hire you and it wont' cost us a dime. Mitt and Michelle and the boys will let us hire them and they won't pay us a dime instead they will dress the tent up with old blood and guts Patriotism and Roe V. Wade and the march of the Christian soldiers. Newt Gingrich had to be the comical moment when he worked himself up into a lather over hiring Muslims. Too bad he wont' even get to the back door of the White House.

But the truth is they have nothing to sell. Pinned down by an ideological right akin to the old crusading grandmothers of Prohibition smashing windows, they can not even think about watering the dying middle class lawn anymore with stimulus. They can't utter the words housing or jobs because it would require investment or at least forcing banks to lend to people in the United States instead of overseas. It would require an understanding that if the middle class loses their biggest investment then you have no middle class. Everything runs through housing, but this is not what the gang of seven is selling.

They are selling air. Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels and Morality is cheap paint for a brothel and God is what people use to get the upper hand. There is nothing there for the Republicans to sell because they sold their party to the Tea Party for Palinesque energy and now they have to pay the bill.  The debt ceiling will not be extended and that will be the first once of their prevention that will cost us a pound of pain. The problem is that the middle class cant even buy into God, Country or Morality. They are too damn broke.
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