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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Perfect Storm of August 2nd

My mother in law and I now agree on politics. This is very rare. In fact, unprecedented. She is fiercely Republican and conservative and well off. She does not like President Obama. She might even hate him. She does not like Democrats. She can't stand liberals, she makes an exception for her son in law. But she has had enough. Those Republicans have lost their minds! That's what she said. They want to get rid of Medicare and now they want us to default on our debt! You know what?

She's right!

Ever play a game with someone who is losing and then they destroy the game and throw all the pieces everywhere? Well, that is exactly the game the Republicans are playing now. If they cannot win, then they will kick the board and scatter the pieces so nobody can play. Get ready because they are about to give that Monopoly Board a good swift kick and you will never find your properties or your money. The Republicans have not lost their minds as my mother in law says, they simply believe it is their best interest to destroy the game and make the President look bad.

Look everyone knows Paul Ryan's KILL MEDICARE budget is DOA and the Republicans have egg on their face. After Osama Bin Laden's death at the hands of Seal Team Six, the only thing they have left is to throw a hand grenade in the bunker and hope once the dead and wounded are sorted out that they will come out on top. It is not unlike trying to bomb a city and hoping you get the leader and that would be President Obama.. If the debt ceiling is not extended, then they hope that failure will adhere to the President and be an Achilles heel in the election.

Add to that the Tea Party zealots who truly believe financial Armageddon is their duty, then you have The Perfect Storm of August 2nd. President Obama should put on his helmet, because with no viable Presidential candidate, no real issues, these guys truly, have nothing to lose.
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