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Saturday, June 4, 2011

I want to talk to the President....

And tell him trickle down has killed all the middle class lawns. And that the credit faucet has been turned off for anyone not in the one percent and the lawns have become dormant and are in danger of dying. I would tell him middle class people are  no longer represented in Washington and he has let a group  of people choke off all the water under the lie of fiscal conservatism. I would tell  him middle class people are not dressing as well and their cars are getting older. I would tell him that their houses are worthless and that unless he restores their value the economy is doomed to sputter.

I would tell the President the banks do not want to lend to the middle class anymore. I would tell him they have upped the requirements for a loan that nobody can qualify. I would tell him that credit is being withheld and it is starving the very people he needs to bring about a recovery. I would tell him he should allow people with good credit to refinance regardless of the value of their home. He should tell the appraisers to stop using foreclosures and short sales for comparables. I would tell him to pass a law making it mandatory for holders of second mortgages to subordinate to the first loan and allow people to refinance their home.

I would tell him that the banks will  not lend anymore and he has to establish a National Bank to lend to the middle class. I would tell him to walk through Home Depot or Starbucks or Target and see all the people working there who used to have white collar jobs. I would tell him to notice there are no customers. I would tell him that unless he gives buying power back to the John Q Middle class our economy is doomed. Maybe our republic. I would tell him he has to fight the bad guys now even if he loses. He has to fight the one percent, the banks, the corporations. He has to fight for the little guy who elected him.

I would tell the President time is running out. That it is going to be a long hot summer. I would tell him it is not too late. I would tell him to start on housing. Start with the middle class's biggest asset. I would tell him if he restores housing then he can grow the economy from the bottom. That is where the grass has to be watered. I would tell him to call me or any middle class person and find out what is really happening in America. I would tell him this could be his greatest moment, but he has to act now.
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