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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fox News was right to call Michelle Bachmann a Flake

Chris Wallace got it right for once. Michelle Bachmann and her tea party inspired calls for watering the tree of liberty and inciting people to violence for her own political capitol put her in the flake category a long time ago and now she has been called out. Of course Wallace and Fox are backpedaling but everyone knows Wallace was right. Michelle Bachmann is a flake. She forfeited respectability when she gassed the far right of her base with the extreme calls to implement their agenda knowing full well this would bring the media coverage and national celebrity she craved. But there is a price.

Like Sarah Palin she will never be President because flakes don't get elected. We may elect strange people, deluded people, people who really don't have any business being President, but the flake meter keeps those too far right or left of center out of the election and Bachmann put herself there years ago and now she wants to shake the assignation, but it is too late. And Fox News is dumb like a fox in their gaffe.

Wallace and Fox knows Bachmann doesn't have a chance and will just take away from somebody who does. Fox has already acted as a cudgel for the lesser candidates, weeding them out so there is not  a split election. They even have torched Sarah Palin in different ways knowing she would be a disaster the same way Michelle Bachmann would be a disaster. That is the real truth behind the flake comment. Chris Wallace should have just said, look why are you running when there is no way you can win? That would have been more direct.

But he settled for calling her a flake. And as a true flake she doth protest too much. Not accepting his apology Michelle Bachmann will brand her insurrectionist campaign as the outsider tea party campaign but of course she will have to keep stirring the far right and in doing so prove more than ever, she is, and always will be....

A flake.
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