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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drug Companies Six Hour Erection

Sitting watching the box and you get the dude doing his laundry with his wife and bam they are having sex and then he turns and tells you like from some hut in the Caribbean that if you have a six hour erection go see a doctor. Now isn't that the point? Why go see a doctor if you have a six hour erection? Get cranking bro before it goes down! I mean Tommy Lee would have nothing on a dude with a six hour erection.

So you get through that commerical and then here comes another one. This dude is sitting there looking real hangdog in grainy black and white and he's going, I should have taken my cholesterol medication because I had a heart attack. So then he starts riding a bike or frolicking in the woods now showing how flipping happy he is now that he's on statins and you better take your drugs or you'll end up like him on some lame ass commercial with his wife looking at him like what a bone head.

Or you get the ladies having an orgasm because they don't have IBS anymore. They are all just dancing around holding their stomachs because they took something that straightens them out and no gas and no diarrhea and now they can eat whatever they want. And all these ladies have like nothing on their stomachs and of course they are all young and fit because they aren't going to show some fat lady with IBS.

Then they hit you with the drugs they wont even tell you what it does. It must be pretty bad but they assume if you got it you'll know what the drug is for. They show an older man and woman walking along a lake just yuking it up and going sailing while they roll through about a hundred side effects. Death, paralysis, heart failure, diabetes, stomach bleeding. You name it. I think a lot of these drugs are for people who just can't hold it or maybe their Johnson doesn't work anymore, who knows.

I mean you listen to these side effects and there is no way you want to take these drugs. But with everyone getting older and falling apart, the drug companies figure they are sitting on a gold mine. After you watch about ten hours of these commercials, the  six hour erection doesn't sound so bad.
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