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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bill and Hillary Discuss Anthony's Wiener

Oh it's just digusting. Tweeting his wiener everywhere like that.
Oh I know Hillary. A man should not tweet his wiener for everyone to see.
After all we did for hiim. Has he no shame?
I have to say Hillary that I can truthfully say I did not Sext my wiener to that woman!
Men are such pigs.
Oh I know. Some men just don't know how to keep their wiener in their pants.
And that woman keeps going around on the talk shows.
She is pretty attractive...
In a very superficial way.
Those pictures of him with his cats and his shirt off...what was he thinking?
I think he was thinking about his wiener. Ha Ha Ha.
That's all men think about isn't it?
Now I don't think about my wiener. I enjoy a good find cigar.
They should just chop off all men's wieners.
That would certainly stop all this sexting going on.
Do you you think he has a affliciton?
Well, now he might. A man who has to show his wiener to a lot of women is obviously insecure.
I would never have gone to his wedding if I known he was tweeting.
Oh I know, Hillary.  I just wish he had told me. I could have given him some help.
What would you have told him?
Well, I would have said, never admit to having relations with that woman. Never admit to sexting anybody and look the camera dead in the eye and say, I did not have sexting relations with that woman. He might point at the camera with his finger for effect.
Anything else.
Yes, never resign even if they say they are going to impeach you.
Oh and one more thing and this is probably the most important lesson in this whole thing.
What's that?
I would say Anthony, next time you want to sext your wiener. Just sit down and light up a good cigar and use the phone. Dont' tweet somebody your Johnson, they can catch you then man!
I don't know if that would help him.
It worked for me. Now I wonder if I should have a heat to heart talk with that twenty six year old from Texas he tweeted? I have some experience with these younger women.
Dont' even go there.

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