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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unemployed in Summer or the Pro Leisure Tour

There is being unemployed and being unemployed in summer. I have been unemployed in winter, fall, spring, summer. But there is nothing as sweet as hearing those words in June, your fired, terminated, letgo, we are going to have to make a change, we have decided your services are no longer required, we making a reduction in staff, you have been  laid, off, canned, shitcanned, made redundant, parked, YOU ARE FIRED! I remember when I was writing my first novel I wanted to be fired and in June my boss called and said, well, you may or may not like to hear this, but...YOU"RE FIRED!

Alright! Pro Leisure Tour Baby! That's what we called it. A badge of honor to go sailing, drinking, hang out all summer long and take in the sunshine and the festivals and go swimming, sleep in, go to Wisconsin, pretend like college never ended. Here was the test. You are in your backyard in your recliner with shades on and suddenly it hits you: what is everyone else doing? They are WORKING! You are pulling unemployment and skating along while the rest of the world is stuck indoors. You are unemployed in summer and September is a long long way away.

I had just come back from biking the other day when my neighbor walked up. I usually didn't see Frank around too much, because he was always working. But I noticed he was around a lot more lately and so he walked up and we made neighbor talk and then he dropped the bomb. I got laid off. I nodded. Congratulations. Frank looked at me. I mean now you have the whole summer to yourself. Frank kind of smiled and said all the things men say when they get canned. Well enjoy your tour I said as he walked back to cut his lawn. Frank was bummed, but he had been canned at the perfect time.

So being unemployed in summer is a great thing. You can almost imagine it's like school and you are on summer break. That's the way we all grew up. I remember once when I had a corporate job I came out of an office and stared at the high summer heat in the trees and realized it was summer. What the hell was I doing in a suit in a dark office? They fired me the next month.
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