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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Summer of Our Discontent

You know and I know there is nothing left for the middleclass but a Wisconsin scenario. To say the middleclass is no longer represented is to state the obvious. Even our populist President is a rich man and there are no middleclass men left. We only have a long hot summer of discontent ahead of us and probably the only thing left will be marching in the streets. Prices are on the rampage, unemployment is steady and worse than all that Washington has left the station of it's constienency bound for the better times of Corporate patrons. It is not that an oligarchy or a plutocracy didn't exist it is that now there is nothing but rule of the wealthy. We are simply not represented.

The credit spicket has been turned off if you have not heard. It has been turned off for the middleclass. Our lawns are no longer worthy of being watered by a benevolent goverment whose charge is to hellp it's people. The Gene Simmons and Ted Nugents of the world are in the drivers seat crowing that people need to help themselves. The irony of counter culture barons is too much to even contemplate. Think of that the next time Gene rolls out his millionarie tounge. The culture of I got mine screw you is never more prevalent than right now.

And that is because Washington is not buying it is selling and has been sold to the highest bidder. The dirty secret of the banks is they no longer want to invest in the middleclass. There is no more mortgage money for anyone. No money for small business or small investors. There is no money. Look around. Middleclass people are looking more and more like the working poor. We are close to Russia with a fabulously wealthy upper class and a subsistence working class. And there is not a peep from our man Obama anymore.

So our summer of discontent might be our only chance. Change will only come from the 2012 election where whoever gets elected will get a mandate of change or else. The else is anybodies guess. But look at that footage from Wisconsin and paste it over the country.  It is going to be a long hot summer. Bet on it.
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