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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Secret New Palin Film Stars Paul Ryan

A secret new Sarah Palin film out this summer, a feature no less, stars Paul Ryan as a double agent who sabotages the 2012 Presidential Election by proposing the Republicans do away with Medicare. Ryan in the movie played by an unknown pasty faced white boy who proposes to radically cut the deficit by killing seniors under the old Social Darwinism of the early twentieth century (if you are poor or old you should die and decrease the surplus population). Ryan poses as a far right conservative when in fact he is Michael Moore (ultra lefty filmmaker) who  had cut incredible weight for his mission. He is rumored to be part of Seal Team69.

The Republicans go for the phony Ryan plan thinking it will destroy entitlements and let the rich guys win once and for all. Only one person smells a rat and that is where Sarah Pallin comes in. Confronting Ryan on national television she says that her plan to kill seniors is the real Destroy Medicare Plan and reveals that after following Ryan for months she found him in a Philly Cheese Steakhouse in Detroit eating five Philly Cheese
subs. "There is only one man who could do this," she shouts, tearing off Ryans mask only to have Moores chin fall out and his girdle bust open.  Palin then turns to the camera. "At long last have you no shame sir!"

Palin is then elected by a landslide of far right Tea Party conservatives who do away with Medicare anyway, but they do it HER WAY. Paul Ryan is vindicated and says at the end of the movie. "What kind of moron would propose to get rid of Meidicare before an election. Everyone knows you kill seniors after the election. Just like Sarah did. " The final scene is the First Dude carrying Sarah up a sweeping staircase so she can have a view of Russia where we fade out with Sarah saying in movie twilight:: "After all, tomorrow is another refudiation of today!"

Fade to black. Applause.
Rocket Man will be out this summer

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