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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Poor Ed

Poor. Ed. Could a guy get more contrite and not melt into the floor? I don't think so. He must have said he was sorry to Laura Ingram twenty times before he was done with his sign off before his week of suspension for calling Laura a slut of the mouth. You really expected someone to come out and throw a bucket of water on Ed by the fifth I apologize to my family, my boys, to the network, to Laura, to just about everyone on the planet for what I have done. And then Ed could melt into the floor like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Yeah Ed is over the top. Yeah he is usually ranting about the same old populist stuff and he sure is no Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O'Donnell. He is the pissed off big guy who gets steamed up by his own words during his show to the point he looks like he's going to jump off the screen and tackle someone in your living room. I cannot really watch Ed too much. It is so much retread, but I did feel sorry for the guy when he groveled for ten minutes for calling whatshername a slut.

Yeah, he shouldn't of done it. Yeah he spouted off. But do you watch Fox News? I do. And when they spout off about not giving assistance to the tornado victims or is Obama really a citizen or giving Andrew Brightbart night after night to voice his racist opinions( he never apologized to anyone for trashing a woman's career) then you kind of feel Ed has a point. Riddle me this one, can anyone remember anyone from Fox News apologizing for anything? Anything at all? After years and years of racial attacks on the President and everything he stands for.

Of course not. Not going to happen. But I can name David Letterman, Keith Olbermann, Lawrence Odonnell, Ed Schultz as having apologized on the air for remarks they have made. Now why is that? Why are the liberal guys always apologizing and Rush and Becks and Sean merrily spewing their hate? Guess that is their shtick.

Anyway, old Ed is gone. And who knows if he will come back. He sure looked pained when he apologized to the world. Maybe somone should have thrown a bucket of water on him and he could have just melted into the floor into a smokey steaming mass...I'm sorry for being a liberal...I'm sorry for being a liberal...I'm sorry for being a liberal...

Guess you only see that on Fox.

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