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Friday, May 27, 2011

Palin Tell All Author Speaks Out of Both Sides of his Mouth

You cant'  have your cake and eat it too. But if you are Frank Bailey you will try. The aide who wrote the tell all book Blind Allegiance is having it both ways and maybe that is a hallmark of the new crop of I worked with a celebrity now I will rat them out genre. Bailey popped up on Lawrence O'Donnell and spoke with great contrition of the way he smeared good people at Palins direction and how his book is an apology for all the bad things he's done and also he got one hell of an advance. The last part mumbled of course. O'Donnell was very nice because Frank was bashing Palin and saying all the things we know about Sarah, egotistical, dictatorial, venal, vain, greedy, etc etc. His answers were coached and canned. Good PR screamed at us as he painted himself as the reformed conservative who has seen the light. By the end he outDonalled Lawrence O'Donnell.

Then I caught him on the Sean Hannity show on Fox. A different man. He spoke of Sarah's falling from the concept of smaller government and how she really wasn't a good conservative and had actually grown government in Alaska. Hmmmmm. Him speak with forked tongue. But Sean Hannity whom I am no fan of actually went after him. You wrote this book for the money. You betrayed Sarah. You are the worst kind of person. Someone who keeps all his emails for publication. Sean ripped him a new you know what what. Poor Frank looked like someone had stuck a pin in his PR coached persona. You could almost see the book publicist telling him, now when you go on Fox talk about how Sarah grew government and how she was not really a true conservative. But Hannity wasn't buying any of it.

Frank looked pretty bad by the end. He looked like a loser whom some agent had packaged into a book with some emails and gossip and then photoshopped him onto the front of a book with Palin. Which Hannity pointed out is exactly what the cover consisted of. Frank slinked off the Fox set off to another show. You can just see the publicist tweaking his pitch. Now lets use a little big government and a little redistributionism with a twinge of Beckian Tea Party nuance. Right.....
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