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Friday, May 20, 2011

It's kind of Boring in Alaska ...

Yeah. It's kind of well, boring, here in Alaska. I mean my last book tour is over and I mean I have all this money but nobody cares. You are And those remote interviews on Fox are kind of a drag. Especially when that bitch Greta chides me for saying the lame stream media should stick to issues. Hey, get a life lady. Go rogue or don't go at all.

And I don't know. Life with the First Dude and kids and all it's cool but there's no Wow! I'm Sarah Palin in it anymore. And  now Levi has a book coming out and I...I don't. So yeah, I have this fire in my belly to run and save the country from that Muslim lover Barack Obama. He is just hanging around with all those terrorists and it really burns me up to see hardworking folks being thrown under the bus by a Muslim. I mean he wasn't even born here. Get a load of that phony birth certificate. Yeah right.

So I think I'm going rogue and I may go down like the Titanic but you dont' understand. I like television! I like seeing my name in the news! I like being me and up here with all my money and all this beautiful wilderness, it gets kind of....well, lonely. So I might just do it. You know, somebody has to step up to the plate and save the country. It might as well be me.  A shout out to Sarah! That's me!
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