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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dead White Males Need Not Apply

So no surprise but Newsweek has made it official in their last issue: DWMs (dead white males) are toast. We kind of  knew all the suits were getting laid off and not rehired but certainly the Ward Cleavers of the world are a dying breed and they may not come back. Ever. Business is certainly changing and middle management is becoming no management. Outsourcing and 1099 employees and computers seem to be doing away with all those fine layers of middle age flab so endemic to modern American corporations. Times are bad but they are getting worse for the DWMs.

In the literary world the DWMs were skewered long ago with the poly cultural publishing in the nineties. The joke was it was better to be a minority writing about a minority writing about an addiction and it would really help to be a woman if you wanted to get published. DWMs along with Hemingway Faulkner and Fitzgerald were museum pieces. Who cared about all that white male against anyway? As a culture we were done with it and forget about Oprah. Look at what happened to James Frey.

American society is changing but therein lies the great irony. During the far rights political resurgence of DWM's we are busy canning all the white dudes over forty. Maybe this is an exaggeration but one cannot get the feeling that a sea change is occurring and the era of the Fedora Florsheim man is finally ending once and for all and giving way to the tennis shoe wearing bloggers and tech heads of tomorrow.

Those large homes so worthless and going into foreclosure on dying DWM 's income will be scooped up for a song when the new economy starts chugging and some dude who never saw the inside of an office cube lands and decides a big home is better than a smaller home and a good place to work from.

Rocket Man will blast off this summer

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