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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Hate Book Industry

Watching an infamous blogger (will not promote him with actual name) make the rounds with his rant book  after destroying the career of a woman in the government by putting out edited portions of a video that turned out to be a complete smear of what she had said and then landing a book deal made me realize what a huge industry Hate Books have become. They surely came of age in the Bush era, but really hit the stratoshere with the election of Barack Obama. The new authors nurtured in the blogosphere and then propelled into book stardom by a single act that gains enough notoriety for a publisher to bet on the short life payback of all quickie celeb books.

But the HATE Book Industry is particular heinous because they are not tell all books, but books designed to inflame and anchored in the demonization of other people. The President is Number One Target of a lot of Hate books with Democrats, Liberals, Intellectuals, urbanites, gays, blacks, Hispanics, Mexicans rounding out the Hate stew. Then the "authors" take to the talk show circuit mostly visiting FOX and sympathetic venues, but with some  crossover into CNN which is surprising. First of all because Elliott Spitzer bends over backward to suck up to the Hate Authors and tries to find common ground. The question of course is why bother.

But there is money to be made from HATE. Lots of it. The HATE INDUSTRY has given rise to a political party and a new faction of disgruntled Americans who have found an outlet for racism, paranoia, xenophobia, isolationism, anarchy, misguided nationalism and good old fashioned American suspicion of the other. The other being what every white rural males deem as the enemy. A broad sweep, but go out to the hinterlands and look for DON'T TREAD ON ME STICKERS and flags.Pickup trucks abound.

So probably the worst thing the HATE BOOK INDUSTRY can envision is Obama loses the White House and the Republicans and by proxy Tea Party rules government. A sudden lack of targets could derail HATE publishing. But  I suppose they will find somebody to hate. Hitler certainly did.
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