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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Harper Lee to Blurb my Novel

When I published my second novel, Tobacco Sticks, a friend said he thought Harper Lee might be amenable to giving me a blurb. He knew the man who took care of her, Roy, and said that I should just call up and see if she would read the book. So he gave me her number and I called and a  man with a deep Southern accent answered and said, yessssss. I introduced myself and told him I had sent a book to Ms. Lee and would she consider reading it. Roy said, well, I tell you, I will leave it on her nightstand when it arrives. Good enough.

Several weeks went by then several months. I called back and Roy answered. Yessss. I politely asked Roy if Ms. Lee had a chance to read my novel. Well, I tell you. Ms. Lee has been feeling a might poorly, but I have it by her bed on her nightstand and I will ask her if she has had a chance to read it yet. I thanked him and hung up. Another month passed and still no word. I sent another copy with a polite letter. Another month passed and I called again.

Yessssss. I asked Roy once more if Ms. Lee had a chance to read the book. Well, I tell you. She has just been so busy lately and is behind on her correspondence and letters. But I have put your other book on her nightstand and so she now has two copies of your novel there. I sat there in silence and then asked Roy if he thought she might ever read my book. Well, now, you never know do you? So I thanked him and hung up and my book went to press a month later without a Harper Lee quote.

I called Roy several months later. Oh yes. The books are still there and I think Ms. Lee will get to them soon. I hung up and wondered then if Roy ever put my book on Harper Lee's nightstand. But as Roy said, well now, you never know, do you?
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