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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Donald Questions the President's Literary Talent

Hmmm. Well O bama may have been born here, but there is no way he could have written Dreams of My Father. It was too good and we all know that a man who got bad grades and got into Harvard on an Affirmative Action gravy train could not possibly have the natural talent to write the lyrical memoir that was highly reviewed and has literary qualities not found in most celeb/ Presidential fluff bios that are pumped out with the regularity of Bristol Palins ex husbands (Levi) fifteen minutes that he keeps extending with a book contract that will definitely not have any literary qualities.

But I digress from The Donald. So it just burns the moron in the helicopter that someone who is black and President might actually have some God Given talent that wasn't given in the form of a silver spoon which is what The Donald received when he popped into this world bad hair and all.  Because after all he is a white man and he doesn't have that kind of literary talent and besides he's rich and everyone knows rich people can do anything (See Celebrity Apprentice Judges)

So it is quite obvious  as The Donald points out that President Obama had someone else write the book for him. The same way he really didn't get into Harvard on his own merits and he certainly wasn't born here. That phony baloney birth certificate is now being examined by The Donalds experts. Word is they will then examine Obama's Dreams of My Father and prove that an illiterate black man who never should have gotten into Harvard could not possible string lyrical sentences together.

Obviously a white rich man wrote it for him and Obama signed his name at the end. Which by the way really isn't his name, because everyone knows black people can only put an X for their names since they can't read or write. The Donald's experts will examine his "X" next to make sure it is in fact Obamas and has not forged by someone else.
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