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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Makes Our Troubles Trivial

Wow. It could be worse for the United States. How about an earthquake, a tsunami, and four nuclear plants about to melt down? Sounds like a disaster movie. You have to wonder if disaster movies have met their match and the public will no  longer want to see an Independence Day or the 2012 movies destined for End of the World audiences. The United States escapes again with our broad land mass surrounded by two oceans that have always protected us and periodically turned on us. But never like this. Japan is unfathomable.

They can't incinerate the bodies fast enough. They really don't know how many people have radiation poisoning. They don't know how many bodies there are. Water, power, Food. Good luck with that. No communication. The news just gets worse. Oh and there might be another one. Throw in after shocks to keep everyone freaked out. Throw in Anderson Cooper looking at the camera when the second Nuke plant blew and asking in a timid voice: should we get out of here? Maybe you should Anderson. But you have that luxury and we have the luxury of not being there at all.

Our problems seem faintly hilarious now. Unemployment. Union busting. Will Sarah Palin get the Republican nomination? Is Barack Obama really a citizen? How about stupid. Our problems now seem stupid. And Charlie Sheen? Well he finally got kicked to the back pages where he belongs. America the cartoon has certainly met it's match in the uber reality of Japan. So sorry. No reality show here. These people are dying by the thousands. Even the CNN graphics look obscene against the reality of whole towns that are literally missing. Wolf Blitzers Situation room seems more suited for a Monopoly tournament than broadcasting the apocalyptic carnage going on in the Pacific.

And we are only at the beginning. If those nuke plants blow you are going to see people in California wearing masks. I guess we better quit whining.
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