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Friday, March 11, 2011

Going from third to first person

Mind twisting. Going from third person to first person will really twist you around like a pretzel. Basically you have to write a new novel and you can use a couple scenes from the old one but those don't even work the way they are supposed too so really all you have is an elaborate outline to guide you. It really stinks. But that's what happens when you realize the point of view for your novel is wrong and what started out as a third person narration ended up in first and that wouldn't be a big deal except you finished the four hundred page monster.

The point of view ties it together or doesn't and mine didn't. That's when I realized I had to go the other way go with a first person narrator. Yuck. The voice comes to you but like a meat grinder you have to grind up all that old third person stilted garbage and bring it out again in your new voice. And it is a bitch. Forget that the whole novel has to change to accommodate the new point of view you really have to consider that you are just starting over and there is nothing you can do about. Here is the million dollar question. Does the new point of view make it better. Yes? Then get to work. May you never get stuck in this kind of rewrite.

But  voice makes a book. And if you think the book is good then you have no choice. You you you. That's the voice you choose. It is the difference between something that will never see the light of day and something that has a chance.
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