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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seniors Watching Kid Movies

 Come in here watch this...Watch this. Yeah sure. Ok. Here it is...the cat just turned into a dog and is snapping pictures of documents with a spy camera. Isn't that hilarious....funny right? Right? This is a great movie. But that is the way it is with seniors. They dig kid movies. More and more my dad likes to sit down and watch animated movies with my kids. My in laws have been watching Mickey Mouse for years in rapt attention. Like they never saw it before. Totally entertained. Something is up.

I have kids and so I am bombarded with kid movies. Same super loud music dog and cat based animals talking like people we know and doing all sorts of wild CG stunts. The moral imperative thrown in at the end as the rogue penguin is vansihed by the puppy with super dog powers. Pop music. Known actors voices. Usually a smart ass African American who is really street smart. I can snooze through just about any kid movie in perfect synchronicity, waking up as the credits roll.

But my dad. He digs them. You got to see this one? Did you see this one? In laws watching Mickey kick butt for the hundredth time. Fantasia rolling in Dolby sound. No Alzheimer's here. Just a slow dulling of the old critical intelligence until kid movies become once again just fascinating. But maybe that is the cycle here. We all grew up on kid movies with the clear plot lines of good guys and bad guys and animals taking the reins that humans cannot. While the new round of CG kid movies are more innovative, the plot lines remain unchanged. Some human value, honesty, devotion, love, perseverance, triumphs and all the talking animals rejoice and a great theme song kicks in. So maybe that is what we all want at the end. Clear lines. Good guys win. Theme song kicks up. Fade to credits. Scary huh.

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