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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Obama walking the Wisconsin line

Brats outside of bait shops. Cheese and really crappy Wisconsin wine.  Curds from the men who sit in the bars. Oh hey there. Lakes and lakes and lakes. Bars on every corner. Journey and Reo Speedwagon blasting out of a T Top. Shiny union jackets and women who eat too many BRAAATS and drink too many of Milwaukee's Best. Welcome to Wisconsin just a hop skip and a jump away from Chicago where we all escape to swim and putter around in boats and get some RR among the cornfields and small lost Germanic towns.

Chances are Obama shot up there when he was hanging out in Hyde Park. Maybe he saw it the way we all see it and the way it is. The Land Before Time. At least the land in the seventies where facial hair is still cool and guys wear their hair like Steve Perry still and woman still layout to get that orange glow. Good times. Meat and potatoes baby. Except now the land before time is getting caught up in our twenty first century mess and the President is trying to walk the Wisconsin line. Fiscal responsibility, but leave the Unions alone. He can't seem to make up his mind.

Tough line to walk. Like the Chicagoans the Wisconsinites tolerate but need their tourist dollars, he is conflicted. Unions are big supporters but the political winds are deficit driven and the states are broke broke broke. Now the Teaparty is descending. To have a brat or not have a brat. Maybe a little ice fishing. Maybe a little water skiing. Pick up some leaches and head out. But something has to give and the President is trying to figure out which way to go.

All eyes on the Cheese heads who kicked our Bears butt. It had not been a happy season for anyone North of Chicago except for the Packers. So it will be interesting to see if the President decides to partake of Wisconsin hospitality or be that guy who says the seventies are over and Trans Ams really are gas hogs and Journey broke up a long time ago and Unions are kaput. Brats and beer or sushi. Hmmm. Hard choice.
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