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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Americans Age

They don't age well. They talk about aging. They worry about aging. They age and look used up before their time and act old and feel old and they are old. Forget demographics Americans are old because they can't feel young forever and that makes them older. The youth culture has bit everyone in the collective ass and we have now become a nation of aging whiners. Here is one for you: how many times are you out with people who talk about how old they are? If you are over thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, then the number is increasing. Sounds like fun huh.

Now why is that? Why don't Americans just shut up and age. It's almost like someone told they would not age. Would that be our culture? You know those ageless rock stars who still sing songs about being young. Hmm. Some sort of disconnect. Or our movies and our television shows where everyone looks more and more like highschoolers and less like adults. Or maybe it is the plastic surgery industry that tries to make everyone look younger but really makes everyone look like martians except Joan Rivers who looks like someone froze her twenty years ago in a cake of soap.

So the collective message is this: you should not age. In fact you should feel guilty you did get older. And worse you should whine about it like a kid who was not told he would in fact grow up. The problem is not aging but the self consciousness of it. Somewhere Americans thought they were bionic. Guess what? We're not. We age and die. Whoops. Sorry about that. The best thing Americans can do is raise a  drink and have a good time and shut up. No one wants to party with a whiner
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