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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Every writer wants to be a teacher

I don't know when it happened man but everybody I know wants to be a teacher now. Especially writers. The down turn turned every vocation into something that could vanish overnight and that includes writing. Teaching used to be regarded as the sort of thing you would do if nothing else worked out. Oh yeah I couldn't make it in the private sector so I'll go teach. Nothing against teachers it was just sort of those that cant do teach you know. Not anymore.

Teaching is one cool gig now. Benefits with a capitol B. Health care man, pension, great hours, summers off, get to learn something and you can not be fired. Take that last one and it is worth everything else. Tenure baby. You can not get axed no matter how bad things get and when you retire you still get your salary. And you get to hang out with other cool people who are doing something other than scratching for the all  mighty buck.

I taught for a while as an adjunct at a Community college and we all wanted a permanent position. But there were only a few and so we all scratched and clawed and tried to win favor with the powers that be. But there were twenty adjuncts and five full time. No way. I washed out like a lot of writers do with teaching because I couldn't stop writing. But I had this fantasy about being the cool teacher writer you know. And now it's all going down in Wisconsin. They will go after the teacher gig because it is sweet. All good things come to an end in this recession man, even for the teachers.
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