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Monday, January 24, 2011

When Your Team Loses

I don't know why but I am moving a little slower for a Monday. Maybe it is the winter that starts to really drag in January with the long slog to spring like some grey ghost that envelops the land with snow and bitter soul deadening cold. Or maybe it is the normal questioning that goes on during the dark months where you count your age and your situation and like a poker player with only so many chips left you wonder why you have squandered so many wagers on losing propositions. Or maybe it is because your team just got bounced out of the Super Bowl by a bunch of cheese heads. Nah, that couldn't be it.

But you never know. Sports are a strange thing.  We forget ourselves for a while and wrap our destiny with the team or the individual. Life is a bet and we bet on the underdog, the come from behind team that will let us know maybe there is a chance. Maybe we just don't like to lose in anything and if you revel in the victories there is no shaking the defeats. And I am not even a sports person, but I went down the road and screamed and yelled for the Bears to stomp the Packers into the turf at Soldier Field with everyone else. They didn't. They got stomped instead.

And still intellectually your day goes on. I''m not getting a million dollars to play football. The day dawns with it's expectations and thudding reality whether the Bears win or lose. But there is something there. A win gives you just a little zazz because you feel that all things are possible. A mediocre life suddenly becomes entwined with something bigger than ourselves. Humans are better in groups and we give off a buzz that is felt by all. Walk into any stadium and you pick up on that energy like a drug. But of course the flip side is once that battery drains it takes the juice from everyone.

So here we sit. Monday. Grey winter in Chicago. All those nagging questions. What am I doing with my life? Why don't I do something else? How did I live all those years? What's it all about anyway? Why didn't Cutler stay in the game? Why did I buy this house? Why couldn't Erlacher keep running and not get tripped up by the quarterback on his interception? I Is there really a God?

Why couldn't the Bears beat the Packers?
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