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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

He was... NUTS!

Riddle me this. If the Arizona shooter is such a 'lone nut" then why is he being charged with an assassination by the Feds? Assassination implies and demands a political motivation with forethought. You have to have a motive for an assassination. And if the shooter is the Fox described paranoid schizophrenic lobotomized loony tune character that Fox and friends is so desperate to paint and the media seems to be willing to go along with then why in the hell did he target a woman who had been so threatened her staff feared for her life and she had to go to the point of telling people that she packed a gun and her office windows were smashed and Palin put a cross hair on her district? Why did our psychotic friend pick a woman who had been threatened by the Tea Party candidate in the last election with being taken out by a gun? Could it be the lone nut wasn't so lone? Or nuts?

Why did he leave a note saying, my assassination, or Gifford, kill the bitch. The war going on right now is to sell the American public on the lone nut theory. It runs this way. The lone nut moves in his own universe and is not influenced by outside forces. He is a homicidal creation immune to the political currents swirling around him and he picks his victims at random. So you see, we peace loving people on the right, the Becks, the Rush, the O'Reilly, the Hannity, we had nothing to do with this at all. He was nuts nuts nuts nuts nuts nuts nuts nuts nuts....NUTS!

Ohhhhh, he was nuts. I get it. It had nothing to do with gun laws or Glocks or Palins surveyor marks or Becks incitement to revolution or watering the tree of liberty or the crappy loose cannons on the radio. He was just NUTS! Well, thank God for that. Good to know. Now we can get back to threatening each other and putting bulls eyes on Congressman. By the way, whatever happened to that woman from Alaska? You know, whats her name? Seems she just fell off the planet. Come to think of it, she was kind of a nut too...and she had a gun!
Rocket Man will blast off in February.
God willing.

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