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Monday, January 10, 2011

For the Little Girl Who Died

I have a nine year old daughter who believes in  Santa Claus and doesn't raise her voice and who plays with dolls occasionally and just got an IPOD and rides a scooter and believes in this world of ours. She is not aware of the political world and doesn't know about what happened in Tuscon.  That is her luxury and I won't tell her. I will let her roll along and have her world. But for the little girl who died in Arizona she cannot. Her world was taken by people who she never knew.

I wish I knew her. She and my daughter could have played together. She seemed bright and interested in the world. There is nothing we can do or say here that will come close to this one. Lets hear it for the sheriff in Tuscon who is telling it like it is. We hope that something will good will come out of this, but our disease is deep and we don't have much hope that the hatemongers will take more than a holiday. But I will not forget this little girl and neither should you.

She is ours now. We have inherited her. If we don't make something good come out of this then we are complicit. Do not rest. Do not let it go. Raise hell. The hatemongers have to go. You should say  to yourself what can I do in the wake of this tragedy. Don't do it for the country. Don't do it for the politicians. Don't even do it for yourself. Do it for the little girl who died. It is a higher calling.

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