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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blood Libel=Dummmmmmb

When I was a kid in Baltimore city by best friend had this thing he would always say when I did something stupid or said something stupid...dummmmmmmmmb. He would stretch out the word so it sort of sang, duuuummmmmmb. And a lot of times he was right. Like the time I jumped off the roof of a garage because he dared me and nearly broke my leg. Duuuuuuuummmmb. Or when I drank a bottle of prescription medicine I found in a trash can in the alley and had to get my stomach pumped. Duuuuuummmmmb. Or when we found a purse at a bus stop and I hid the money under a rock in the woods I could never find again.  Duuummmmmmmb. Or when I broke all the milk bottles on our porch. Dummmmmmmb.

Now Sarah Palin is in hot water again. I watched her video and I immediately knew she had no clue what she was saying. Dummmmmmmb. The problem with semi illiterate or stupid people is that they pick words and phrases others use, in this case a conservative talk radio guy who had used blood libel to describe Democrats blaming Republicans for the shooting in Arizona. Dummmmmmmmmb. So someone, maybe Sarah, heard this, and inserted it in her speech without really understanding the historical context of the myth of Jews killing Christian children in the Middle Ages. Dummmmmmmmmmb. The phrase had a nice ring to it. BLOOD LIBEL. It even sounded a little high falutin and Sarah probably thought it might set her critics back on their heels. Dummmmmmmmmb.

But Sarah being Sarah has never understood the English language. Shoutouts, refudiate, hows that hopey changey thing working for you? Dummmmmmmmmmb.Which of course other semi illiterate Americans love about her. Remember that old show All in the Family where Archie always misused words and changed their meaning? And everyone would laugh at what moron Archie was? Dummmmmmmmmmb. Sarah is our Archie Bunker, bastardizing words, destroying meaning, giving it to the cultural elites with her Sarah-speak.

The problem of course for Sarah is that Blood Libel offended a lot of people and torpedoed her message. Dummmmmmmmmb. She might as well have flashed us for all we remember about what she said. The phrase and the outrage by the Jewish Community nullified her Youtube video. Dummmmmmmmmb. What she should really do is come out and release another video and just say she is sorry for targeting representatives with her rifle scope. Dummmmmmmmmmb. And no one really believes it was a surveyor symbol anyhow. Dummmmmmmmmmb. And that she probably shouldn't have quit being governor to write schlocky books. Dummmmmmmmmb. And she probably should stop the one way communication through FaceBook. Dummmmmmmmb. And that she has decided she wont' run for President because she is just too dummmmmmmmmmmmmb.
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