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Saturday, December 11, 2010

When I knew Obama had totally blown it

Talking to my father let me know Obama had really blown it. I mean I knew that he had lost his gonads somewhere along the way and that is a sad fact about the man elected to President that I voted for and supported and rallied behind and went to the Election Night Party. But it was in talking to my father that I understood the scope of his lemming ways in turning turtle and showing his belly to whoever wanted to see it and trying to negotiate with people who have no interest in negotiating at all.

My dad was no Obama fan. He is Southern and holds certain sensibilities shall we say that run counter to Obamesque proclivities. He is older and views the facebooking twittering Internet maneuvers of his campaign with a certain bewilderment and a sort of visceral he is not one of us. And on top of that he is not crazy about his policies though I would not call him a dyed in the wool conservative but more a man who grew up in Virginia in the forties and fifties and sees a black President as something he thought he would never see. Needless to say we have  had many spirited debates about Obama and his politics over the years. Spirited with a capital S.

So in the latest go round with the Senate Republicans where he gave up nine hundred billion in the wink of an eye but more than that seemed have absolutely no backbone once again and no ability to wage a fight for what he believes in, this then inevitably came up in our conversation on the phone when I told him I was no longer an Obama man. My father, (insert watermelon drawl) then said. Oh, no. I really think Obama (OBAAMA Virginia patois) did the first sensible thing of his Presidency. I really admire him for what he did with the Republicans and I would consider supporting him for re-election if he keeps it up.

It was then I knew the President had totally blown it.
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