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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Poseidon Adventure of Joe and Barack.

Wow that was some wave. Mr. President, I think the Poseidon turned over. I know that Joe. So the thing to do is sit here and wait for help.  I'm sure they will be coming to rescue us soon. Ah, Mr. President. Yes Joe. I think we are at the bottom of the ship. Don't be silly we are at the top. In fact all our accommodations were top notch. Ah, that's not really what I meant sir. I mean I think the boat turned over. I don't follow you Joe. Well, sir, I think that big red wave just washed over the ship and flipped it over and now sir, I think we are actually at the bottom rather than the top! I see what you are saying, but I still think we should wait for help. Sir, there is no help, we are going to have to go the top that is now at the bottom to get out of here.

Alright. then. So, you are proposing we go to the bottom to get to the top. Exactly sir, then maybe somebody can get us out of the bottom which of course will be at the top. Alright then. We better get going Joe. Yes sir. Ah, which way do you recommend? Will sir. I would say we just start going though the ship and try and make our way to the engine room. Ah hah. Hmm. My Blackberry is not functioning. That is because we are way under the ocean sir. I see. Alright Joe. Lets go this way. Yes sir. Ah hah. What do we have here. It looks like our stimulus plan sir. I see. Seems everyone is gone. I think they are all dead sir. Hah. Well, it was the best we could do at the time. Oh I know, I know sir. Alright, lets continue on.

Look at the large hospital Joe. Its amazing all these beds. Yes sir. They were getting ready for 2014. Ah hah. Yes yes Healthcare. Right you are sir. Well, good to see everything is in preparedness Joe. Yes sir. But you know I wonder...Yes Joe. Well sir, all these beds. I mean I think its a great thing we will be all set to go in 2014, but I wonder, you know, if maybe we should have done something more immediate for the people. I don't follow you Joe. Well sir. I think theoretically our healthcare plan was brilliant, but...But what Joe. Well, people are on their ass sir to put it frankly. Hah. I see. Just a thought. Right, well, lets continue on.

Ok this room looks empty too. Yes sir. This is the safe where they keep all the money. Ha, interesting, all the money seems to be missing. Yes sir, this is our Wall Street Reform Program. Ah hah, yes brilliant piece of legislation, strange though all the money in the ship is still missing. What's that desk over there sir? Ah, that 's Tim Geitners desk. Interesting. Yes, I wasn't sure about the placement inside the safe but he felt the best policy was to stay close to the money. You know sir. Yes Joe? Well, I don't know, I'm not sure we really kept the peoples money in the safe the way we were supposed to sir. Well, these are men of finance Joe, they know what they are doing. I guess you're right sir.

Well, lets continue on. I think we are down to the engine room sir. Yes I do believe we are. Now, I notice all these boilers have dust on them. Yes sir. I wonder why that is. Well sir, to be blunt, Americans haven't really been working all that much, they had to lay off all these guys and bring in computers to run the boilers. Hmm. I see, very enterprising. Very good. Well sir, I think this has kind of happened all over the country. Millions and millions of people out of work and losing their homes. Ha. I see. Well, I'm sure we will address that. Also sir, if you notice the engines are really old. Yes, I did notice that. Well, sir, our infrastructure kind of sucks now. Do you mind using another word Joe. Sorry sir, obsolete, our infrastructure is obsolete and eroding. Hmm.. Well, well get to that soon. Yes sir. Lets start banging on the hull now.

BANG BANG BANG. There that should do it. I think I hear somebody sir. Yes, they are cutting through the hull. Step back sir. There the steel is falling in. CLANG. We are here! We are here! Mr. President? Representative Boehner? Minority Whip Cantor? Yes sir. We are here to rescue you,. it's a new day. Now, I don't know about this. You men just said no for years...That's fine Mr. President. Find your own way out. Sir, they are putting the steel back in place!  Ah ha,  well if they feel that way, lets go back the way we came, Joe. Don't you get it sir? What's that? We can't sir, everything behind us is underwater.
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