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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Are you a Michael Moore Democrat or an Obama Democrat?

Comes down to two camps in the Democratic Party. The Michael Moor view is Obama has no guts and never went to the left far enough and sold out with Rahb Emanuel and played ball with insiders and gave away the store on Health Care and left the Public Option behind and lined the White House again with Wall Street insiders the biggest one being Geitner and then finally just wimped out with the Republicans with the biggest evidence of his wimpiness being after he was pummelled in the election with his calls for bipartisanship with guys who just say NO and that if he does not change and move back to the left and stand up for liberal values and the people who put him there then we will get someone else to run in 2012. So says Michael Moore.

The other view is one of he was handed a loaded gun of an economy with a TARP bandage that was going to make him look bad regardless and the economy tanked on his watch because of eight years of Bush plundering and the Republicans formed a wall of JUST SAY NO and they did and he only has had eighteen months to undo years of waste and excess and the unemployment numbers were unavoidable and he put through health reform and Wall Street reform and kept us out of a DEPRESSION and things would have been a lot worse and the American people always vote out the incumbents anyway in a bad economy so lighten up and back off because he is the best we have. That is the Obama Democrat view.

I suppose there is a middle here but it is hard to find. The truth is probably closer to people are beginning to wonder if the stump speech was the best he had. The sneaking suspicion that for all his persuasive speaking on the podium, he still lacks the basic sales skills to navigate Washington and the greater public. For a man who sounded like he could sell white tennis shoes to coalminers it is curious he seems to be lacking  in any of the wily oiliness of any good salesman. He violates that basic tenant every time, never let anyone see how smart you are, least of all an adversary.

Clinton was a salesman. Slick Willy right? But that served him well. You have to believe your own rhetoric and not just in an intellectual sense. You have to believe it enough to make others believe it even if they don't want too. The hallmark of any good salesman is an ability to sell without seeming too. Obama seems to have only a sort of Woodrow Wilson coldness to fall back on when he gets stiff armed. That may just be who he is and for the Michael Moore Democrats and the Obama Democrats the realization that maybe he should have had a few more years under his belt before taking on the big enchilada of Washington is the knowledge nobody wants right now.

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