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Friday, October 1, 2010

Watching Glen Beck with Captain Crunch

In from the bar and surfing along with Captain Crunch . Obermann, Maddow, O'Donnell, Anderson Cooper looking very Cooperish. Hit Sean Hannity throwing a football and fall back to Glen Beck. Parking brake set I refill the bowl and pour the milk. I feel like I am back in school with the classroom setting and the chalkboard and the flag and pictures of the Founding Fathers. More Captain as Glen walks out of the screen.

Fact. The President believes in giving away our money. Fact. The President believes in Liberation Theology. Fact. The President believes we are a colonial power who should give back everything we have taken. Fact. The President wants to take your money and give it to other people. Fact. The President hangs out with other people who believe America is bad and should give back what we have taken. Fact. Bill Ayers. Fact. Reverend Wright. Fact. Obama's father believes in Liberation theology. Fact. The President wrote a book about it. Fact. The President hates Winston Churchill. Fact. That's why he gave the Queens gift back.

The Facts are beside big red buttons on his chalk board. Glen believes only in facts. Opinion. I believe the President is a racist. Opinion. I believe he wants to give away your money. Fact. The President comes from a long line of colonial haters. Fact. His father was jailed for a time for his beliefs. Fact. The President wants to change America. Fact. The President is a Socialist.

Fact. I turn off the television. Fact. I ate too much Captain Crunch. Fact. I should never watch lunatics after midnight.

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