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Friday, October 15, 2010

The View Women call Bill O'Reilly a Pinhead and Walk Off

It took a couple of women to do what no one else seems to have had either the guts or the moral courage to do and that is tell the hatemongers of America enough is enough. Just because someone  is on television and makes millions of dollars off of hate doesn't give them the right to spew hatred as they please. Bill O'Reilly is a point in fact. Spewing away on the View, bullying the women as he bullies everyone, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg finally called him out and said enough is enough and walked off the set of The View.

They did return later and Bill O'Reilly managed to grovel a bit, but the point is they were not going to sit there and listen to his garbage. Finally television personalities called out one of their own and said you are not worthy of being on the stage. Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly have made millions off the distress of our bad times. People are desperate. They are broke and unemployed and scared and the hate mongers bleed this like a wound. They know people want a demon. They want a scapegoat and the Three Stooges of Hate are only to glad to give them plenty of people to hate and make millions in the process.

But no one has called them out. People go on their shows and take their abuse and slink away. Women interestingly enough are more willing to call people out when the dung really reins down. Men are more apt to grin and bear it, but women really do have a line and once crossed they don't think well this is my career and I better listen to this moron prattle on and spew his hatred across the land. Joy and Whoopi just stood up and walked off and left the bile spewing Bill O'Reilly looking like the ass he really is. Hopefully, other people in television will show the courage these two woman did and call out these hate mongers for who they really are...scum.

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