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Monday, October 4, 2010

Beck Cons the New York Times

If you read the Glen Beck article in the New York Times Magazine you didn't learn much beyond that Glen Beck is one hell of a marketer. The rest of it was Glen Beck doing what he does best...selling! Glen is very much like Huey Long in that earnestly believes what he says and all those broadsides at the President, Democrats, even Woodrow Wilson are a recovering alcoholics ping pong enthusiasm that is the hallmark of any addictive personality. And like Huey Long, Glen believes in one thing more than anything else...Glen Beck

The hallmark of any Demigod is the ability to sell for personal gain under the blanket of heartfelt causes. Glen sells and sells and sells. It is very American to con the working man of hard times in America. Butter will not melt in Becks mouth as he plays the conflicted man looking for meaning. But also under the addictive personality is a zeal for perceived enemies. The energy put into fighting demons is projected out on others. In Glen's case it the zealotry to attack anybody who is a progressive or perceived to help others. He draws a line between Woodrow Wilson and our current woes. A self taught man applying the twelve step program to history. Wilson of course started the stillborn League of Nations and tried to create a lasting peace for the War to End all Wars. Go figure.

But to get lost in history or anything else with Glen is ridiculous. It means nothing the way Christine O'Donnell means nothing. The means justify the ends. The NY Times got rolled by the conman. Every salesman worth his salt knows one thing from the preacher in Elmer Gantry to the conman in Paper Moon, the salesman believes only in the sale. It is a bloodless merciless American trait to sell someone down the river to make a buck. Guile is rewarded highly and in the Beck fiefdom he out slicks slick Willie hands down. Glen is busy selling Glen and then playing the nice guy. Watch out for the man who really doesn't know what he's talking about under the guise of hard times populism. Like the alcoholic,  if you give him the keys, he will run the car into the ditch every time.

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