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Monday, August 16, 2010

Who is the President Afraid of?

Maybe the President is afraid he won't get re-elected. Maybe he is afraid of Rahb Emanuel. Maybe Robert Gibbs. Maybe he is afraid of his wife. Or the left. Maybe he is afraid of the Professional Left. Could be. Or maybe he is afraid of the right. Sarah Palin. Maybe  Glenn Beck. Sean Hanity. Rush Limbaugh perhaps? Well, he must be afraid of somebody, because he keeps backing down.

Take the Mosque. You and I might have opinion on the mosque. You might think it is disgusting to build a mosque by the World Trade Amendment. I might think it is alright. But the Constitution says we have Freedom of Religion. The Muslims have the right to put their mosque where ever they want under the First Amendment. If we want to get rid of the  First Amendment, fine. Lets do it But if we follow the Constitution then we have to let them build it.

The President basically came out and said this. He said under the First Amendment they have the right to build it. Then he...backtracked. He said he really wasn't giving his opinion. He wasn't getting involved. What???He is the President. This is our country. Freedom to worship. So the question stands. Who is the President afraid of? Who made him fire the government worker flushed by Brightbart? Why is he running scared from these people? Obviously he is listening to and reading his own press. He would have been much better off if he said, we have Freedom of Religion in this country. Period. Then let the chips fall. That's called leadership.

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