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Friday, August 27, 2010

Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels...Mark Twain

Hid it under the bed. That's where I left my box of patriotic goodies. Let's see there is that medal from the last good war WWII and an old Jap rifle and a Kraut Luger and a couple of grenades and there are some 9/11 T shirts WE ARE COMING MOTHERFU&^%$ Remember that one? Then there are some American flag coffee mugs and a couple of DON'T TREAD ON ME FLAGS and a McCain Palin button and some old country music CDS by some guy who sung Raising McCain and there are some copies of the Constitution with the First Amendment crossed out (always hated that one) and plans to build a Second Berlin Wall at the border of Arizona.

Wow. So that's where I left all that stuff! I knew it was around here somewhere. I wanted to bring it because I'm headed down to the Glenn Beck rally where he will attempt to duplicate MLK's I HAVE A DREAM speech by giving the speech with just a few small changes. First of all he changed the title to I HAVE A NIGHTMARE. The title change is small when you think about it. But the cadence is really the same and Beck kind of looks like MLK in a short pasty faced sort of way.

So I did get an advance copy of I HAVE A NIGHTMARE and I must say it is a very impressive speech. I'll give you just a few lines here.

I have a nightmare, that one day America will not be mostly white. That little children, black children, white children, Mexican children, Muslim children will all play together.

I have a nightmare. That people will flood into this country across the borders, people not like us with brown skin and speaking Spanish and that we will not be able to send them back or ask them for their papers.

I have a nightmare, that Muslims will build Masques where they want and some of them will be in New York on the sacred 9/11 ground and they will say they are protected under the First Amendment.

I have a nightmare that America will help its poor and have healthcare refrom and tax the wealthy and help the middle class and there won't be a network dedicated to hate anymore but networks dedicated to the poly cultural country that America is destined to become.

I have a nightmare that all the real Americans will die off and young people will run this country who don't understand that the color of your skin is the most important thing and Leave it To Beaver was more than just a television was a way of life!

Well, that's as much as I can take. I am crying here, waiting to get on the bus with my box of patriotism. Man, I just hope Glenn doesn't start crying before I get there. I just love it when a grown man cries over his country. Kind of gets you right there.

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