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Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Everyone Can be a journalist--Sanjay Gupta hits the wall

We are used to just about everyone being a journalist now. Television journalism has become something of a who's on first comedy routine. The stand ins for television journalists bitterly prove the point. We get the wonks who stand in for Rachel Maddow and we get the sleepy Lawrence O'Donnell for Keith Oberbmann. You get just about anybody for Larry King and for Anderson Cooper we get Sanjay Gupta. It would seem this replacement was a bridge too far.

Sanjay did an interview with Ron Paul about the mosque in New York. He pressed Ron Paul on his position on the mosque and Paul effectively laughed at him and lectured him on the connection between what the right is doing with this issue and our presence in the Mid East. Sanjay adopted a  smile that said he had no idea what had just happened  and then tried to rescue himself with a comparison between Obama and Paul's positions.

Again RonPaul effectively laughed at his obvious ploy to stir up controversy. Gupta sat there and tried a few Anderson Cooper attempts to interrupt but Paul just batted him down. Sanjay then quickly ended the interview with egg on his face his neck his arms just about everywhere egg can land. He bitterly proved the point that there is a thing still called journalism and not everyone can do it. Sanjay Gupta is a physician who snuck on CNN during the Haiti crisis. Maybe he should go back to being a doctor. People don't often laugh at them.

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