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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glen Beck is Huey Long

Every man is a King. The great Kingfisher. You can hear him now up there on the steps of the Lincoln monument. Huey Long has risen from the dead from the depression and come back to us in the form of a short man with blond hair and glasses. Huey Long with his machine gun toting stooges who guarded the Louisiana Governor mansion while Huey plotted a run for the White House. The depths of the Depression with Roosevelt trying to get the country on it's feet, calling Huey Long the most dangerous man in America. People in desperate times are attracted to desperate people. Roosevelt understood this. He breathed a sigh of relief when Huey Long was gunned down.

America is going back to God the new Huey Long tells us. America is in the middle of change. Turning back to traditional values. Glen Beck tells people who lost everything that there are better times ahead if we ignore the future. It is the President and the Socialists. They will use dogs and water cannons on us. Just like the Civil Rights marchers. We are one with the Civil Rights people. We are one with Martin Luther King.

The man has no shame. We live in a shameless age. Beck is right. The country has been hijacked. It has been hijacked by people spewing hatred and wrapping it up in religion and the American flag. Don't wave your signs he tells the followers. Don't let them see how crazy you are until we are in power. Glen Beck is Huey Long. He is a Demigod who seems himself as the anointed one to bring about a one man revolution.

Huey Long has risen from the swamps of Louisiana. President Obama should take a hard look at the rally in Washington. He might just see the most dangerous man in America.

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