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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bookstores could be less likely as Kindle sales soar

Think about it. You know that bookstore you love to browse through and find your favorite book,  maybe discover a new author, stand and read in the aisle...imagine that bookstore in your computer now. That could be the future. The brick and mortar world of bookstores could go the way of record stores of old with the digitization of books. Kindle sales were 2.9 percent of the book market last year, this year they were 8.9 percent. The revolution is on.

Make no mistake that devotees of the paper world will remain. But the big giants are in trouble. Barnes and Noble is on the block and looking for a buyer. The industry is in transition and like the music business we may end up shopping in the privacy of our homes. Sort of drag isn't it? The bookstore of old is a place where we could go to relax, think, read. Who wants to be chained to their computer for one more thing? But that may be the way it is.

In a strange turnabout the Independent booksellers may be better poised to transition to the Ebook world because of their size. They just are not as heavily invested in getting large amounts of people to come into their store and their model is more flexible. People might go to a cyber cafe, sit and browse for a book on their Kindle, have a latte and then start reading. It may not be Sylvia Beach on the left bank, but it might be the best we can do.

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