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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Biking and Writing

In my latest novel Rocket Man the main character keeps his sanity from biking. He goes off on country roads to try and make sense of the world, riding at night and early morning while his life goes off the rails. It is a testament to him that he doesn't lose his mind as he loses his house and his wife. But it is biking that gives him his only glimmer of sanity. It is biking that allows him to carry on,

Writers must find some release. Something that will take them out of their world for a while and for me it is in the physical momentum of biking. Something about taking off at dawn and jetting out into the countryside with a back pack of water and blasting out the days carbo load that just seems to reset the clock. It isn't that the problems aren't still there, it is just that for an hour the world stands uniform as I concentrate on miles per hour and an average speed of sixteen point five.

Going fast is the thrill. A lot like writing. You just forget yourself and go for it. You don't plan it out, you just make sure you have all your gear on and then out into the cool of early dawn. Some days you ride like a God and other days you just cant seem to get a rhythm. Some days you know all the tricks and you amaze yourself with the speed and ease of the ride. Some days you just are glad to make it back. But like writing, you start over every day you ride...hoping for a personal best, trying to outdo yourself once again.

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