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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Ha Ha Culture

We live in the ha ha culture now. Maybe you've noticed all the magazines and newspapers saying ha ha you don't have what these people have. It's literally everywhere. Our culture is based on presenting people with what they don't have. A trip to the grocery store is an odyssey in self evaluation. One only has to stand in the check out line for five minutes to see that the rest of the world is much better off, much better looking, much younger, and of course much more famous. The whole slant of our culture supports this. And who do we blame for the current state of culture degradation? I'd say ourselves.
I think it began with the boomers. They created the original ha ha culture about thirty-five years ago. That began with ha ha we're young and you're not. Remember don't trust anyone over thirty? Well, that started the ball rolling. If you weren't young then you might as well leave the country. The youth culture became the culture. Millions of smug young people sticking their tongues at the older generation until finally they became well, the older generation. Which brings us to the current state of affairs where the young have become the old and the old have become insufferable. Have you ever seen so many articles on aging? Have you ever seen so much ink and television time spent in trying to not say that getting old is really getting old. Well, this is because the boomers who are now well in their fifties have control of the media and we are treated to many articles on prostrates and menopause and real age versus chronological age. There's quite a bit of sneering going on. Why don't these old rockers just hang it up? If they can't be young then can't they just go off and hide somewhere? The ha ha has turned sour maybe even acidic. So they turn to money. At least we have that. The plain fact is the youth culture is strangling the people that started it. They can't be young and even the young can't be young enough anymore. The under thirty fives, the under forty fives, the twenty something becoming the thirty somethings. One group continually asserting their supremacy only to be knocked over by the next. Can anyone be young enough, rich enough, hip enough, cool enough, famous enough for the megalomaniac we now have sitting in the driving seat of this culture? Gang culture seems to be the only thing evil enough to survive the test. Suburban white teenagers listening closely to the rap music of the inner city is only a small indicator of the level of cultural aberration we have reached.
Sounds to me like we have an adolescent culture now. Adolescents are self absorbed and very unsure of themselves. They raise hell and rant and rave to cover up their own insecurities. About the only thing they can say with certainty is, ha, ha, we're young and you're not. Ha ha. Just wait.

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