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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whats Wrong With All The White Males

I'm a white male.
In fact I am that dinosaur: a WASP-White Anglo Saxon protestant male. Came to this country in 1665, had a Sergent in the Revolution, a Blockade runner in the Confederacy, owned slaves, plantations, lost it all in the war, managed Senator Byrd's campaign in 46 in Richmond Virginia, ran a big Southern home complete with a Mammy housekeeper and lost all that in genteel poverty and came North finally until I sit before you now--a testament to manifest destiny, the old white power base eroding under the chipping liberalism of the new order--the twenty first century world of Barack Obama.
So why don't I care?
The other white males are all up in arms. We are losing our base. Under siege. Barack Obama is giving away all our money. Besides that he is a Muslim. He is not a citizen. And he's he's...BLACK! Many nights out in my yard unsuspecting neighbors of the brethren whine to me about this man not knowing the liberal Democrat in their midst. Fox devotees who hang on Oreilly and Hannity and dip into Rush for drive time. Why don't I share their views of the coming immolation of white culture and a patriarchal based power structure? Even the guy who mowed down the security guard in the Holocaust museum gets more sympathy than the President with these guys.

Why should the white power group be so incensed about this man who is bringing us into the twenty first century and why do they remain glued to the right wing haters and nut balls who people the outer reaches of cable and talk radio with one simple message: It's all Barack Obama's fault. They create the fury. They want the fury to overtake Obama and throw him back into the black dungeon of American racism and white supremacy. They are pissed off and they really don't care how the old order comes back.
Wouldn't I have just as much to lose in tipping the white culture apple cart? The fact is even if the Obama Revolution is successful and I hope it is--this white male dominated society will take another fifty years to give way. Look at Congress. Look at the White House. Barack Obama is a raisin in the sun. He is operating on top of white based patriarchal pyramid that is not going anytime soon.
So what is the real beef of white males? Money. Money is tight. White males do not like to be squeezed. The economy is in the tank. It must be someones fault. Of course that someone is the man in the White House. How convenient not to have to blame the white Texan because he after all is the one who did start the fire in the barn. No this fits much more nicely. It is the black guy. He is giving away all our money. He is selling us down the river and taking our children future. It is all his fault and the sooner we get rid of him the better.
The truth is we did it to ourselves. Greed. Stupidity. Too much power in too few hands. White males mind you. We torched ourselves and now we are pissed off and like good white males we pick on anybody else we can find. Maybe its time for all us to finally pony up, quit watching the pointing white fingers of Fox News and take our own medicine. That's what real men do. Notice I didn't say WHITE.

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