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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A pair of boots for the man in Texas--Bin and George bring in democracy

What is happening in Iraq started when Osama Bin Laden sent men with box cutters aboard airliners to fly them into New York and Washington and George Bush decided the payback was taking out Iraq. Never bought into the weapons of mass destruction thing. Iraq was a clear and simple Machiavellian power play. You take out our buildings and we take out your country. You do not just kick around some tribes in Afghanistan for vaporizing thirty five hundred people in New York City.

So the great boondoggle began that is Iraq. After billions of dollars and thousands of deaths and a decimated Republican party we see a country that resembles a democracy. George Bush has not been given any credit for busting up the country and getting rid of Saddam Hussein. But we now see Iran imploding like a bad wedding of good old Muslim fundamentalism and the free wheellng twittering face booking world of the twenty first century.

It seems change is sweeping across the Middle East and it began with two unlikely bedfellows--Bin and George. If there had been no 9/11 then there would have been no invasion of Iraq. The political will would not have existed and the Wolferitz Cheney Rumsfeldt world of preemption would never have found its way out of the think tanks of the Pentagon and into the light of day of American foreign policy. But 9/11 was so heinous, so brazen that George and the boys were given a green light for whatever they thought necessary and the first stop was Iraq. Positioning a hundred thousand troops in the center of the Middle East was like putting a spike in the middle of a piece of slate--it eventually begins to fracture and eventually break.

But we went through Dante's inferno of every occupying army. George and the boys began to lose favor and the tides of change swept them out along with support for the war. But the damage to the hard line wave of Islamic fundamentalism had been done. There was a fissure now and people in the Middle East girded with access to the world through the second Internet revolution began to wonder if the West was onto something. Throw in a charismatic African American President named Barack Obama and that crack in the slate of ninth century feudal theocracies just cracks in half.

So who started all this? Really it is the man in the cave and the Texan. Osama in his determination to get the West out of the Middle East brought permanent change to the region. And that Texan down on his ranch may have cracked the last bottle of American power against the good ship totalitarianism and unwittingly or wittingly broke the back of the Mullahs and the oil rich elite. Really we should probably send a pair of new Tony Lamas to George and tip our hat. Bin can go barefoot in his cave. He's used to it.

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