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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

God Pods--Artificial Intelligence.

Just read an article about computers eclipsing the human mind. Bring it on baby. The cyberfreaks have calculated the point where computers will surpass the human brains ability to create, codify, calculate, ruminate, study, basically outperforming our poor grey mass in every way. This will usher in a new dawn where computers will handle the tasks of this world with greater efficiency and improve the human condition by creating the breakthroughs our Model T brains could not hope to accomplish. Too bad we have a soul.

But wait a minute. I think we can get that one in boys on this new chip. The Pentium Double Plus Platinum God chip. Got it. Just add a few more billion bytes of computing power and SOUL BABY. Now we are cooking. Want to stare at a sunset and contemplate your mortality we got it handled. The SUPER BRAIN can do it. Here we go just a little binary code and shazam. Want to describe the a trembling hare limping through the frost grass. Got it. Complete with cosmological nuances. You see it is not much different than American Idol. Look at all that manufactured fame. People fall for it every time.

Put the super brain into a small laptop and sell it as the God Pod. Not only can you surf but you don't have to feel a thing because this baby will do it all. God, nature, elements, flesh and blood. Give it a bright plasma screen and these silly apes (oops humans) will sit in front of it for hours. Shoot all sorts of nonsense from the web--what did they say about alpha waves when watching television, or right there aren't any, but that is really better--we don't want anyone to really think. Then they might not buy. Because Potter ain't buying he's selling and you will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public.
So we crank these God Pods out in bright colors complete with earphones and kitchy traveling cases and we'll make a million. Bring it on baby. Right up until the day these stupid bastard die and never know what hit them. Because you know, most of these people are so dumb they didn't know they were alive in first place. Perfect.

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